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Whether it is transforming an existing website or creating a new one from scratch for your business, Onyx Ocean Technologies is the website design company of choice to deliver a website that offers strategic business results. Our core focus is customer satisfaction; delivering a website that not only has an aesthetic appeal but also functions optimally. We possess a team of experienced web developers and an array of tried and tested website design tools to produce a website that will have a positive impact on your business. Our website design solutions come with robust features such as:

Web Development

At Onyx Ocean Technologies, we ensure that coding and design work in tandem. Our web developers and designers work together to make sure that our sites have both aesthetic appeal and optimal functionality. All our sites are designed and built with Search Engine Optimisation in mind.

Graphic Design

Our team of talented Graphic Designers will create images and other visual content to boost the appeal of the website among consumers.


Detailed analysis of the client’s system and business needs in order to gain insight into how the website will be integrated with the existing system.

Web Design

Layouts and navigation are designed as prototypes and incorporated with written content and graphics.

Web Development

Final coding of the prototype website by experienced web programmers using Integrated Development Environment programs. Prototype website database-driven functions is sent for testing and subsequent release.

User Statistics

Watch your website traffic as it grows in real-time and monitor your website usage from visitors all over the world.

Data Analysis

Powerful algorithms collect and analyze data relating to traffic and usage on your website.

Custom Reports

Useful plugins combined with advanced segmentation to help interpret the analysis of website data. You define the dimensions and the metrics, and you decide how you want your reports displayed.


We are with you every step of the way, even after your website has been delivered. We offer cost effective web hosting and web maintenance services.

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