Business Branding


At Onyx Ocean Technologies, we pay particular attention to brand development coupled with our skill as designers which motivates us to strive to surpass the client’s expectations. Part of our brand development principle is built on our understanding of the fact that a brand must be an embodiment of the client’s business.

Whatever your branding needs are, Onyx Ocean Technology is ready to deliver custom brand images that reflect your unique business needs. We create designs that embody the essence of your business, everything from business cards and stationery to color palettes and icons.


Our team of expert designers creates logos that beautifully represent your company or organization.

Colour Palettes:

We leverage all of our experience and expertise in choosing the right color palette for your brand.


We ensure that appropriate brand strategies are used to deliver a finished icon that is an embodiment of the client’s business.

Grow your business

What sets Onyx Ocean Technologies apart is our understanding of branding strategies that will make your company stand out.

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